Yorth Programs

In 2006, the North American Bengali Conference returns to Houston after a full decade. The Bengali Youth of Houston are proud to present the next evolution of the Youth Conference. Building upon the past ten years, we promise you an unforgettable experience that you will not want to miss, from real world to cultural shows that will showcase the finest Bengali and Indian talent in the US.For the first time, the conference will offer a tailored experience for the three segments of the Youth Group: Kids, Teens and Young Adults.Each group will have their own programs and events that are tailored to their interests and thus ensuring that the conference is meaningful for all young Bengalis. The following offers just a glimpse of what wehave to offer:


1) Variety of Art and Crafts experiences that will culminate in a children’s Art Contest.

2) A play room facility to take care of tiny-tots while the parents enjoythe Sammelan.

3) Wholesome entertainment that will include Bengali story telling and playground trips.


  1. Video game tournament featuring the latest game titles and platforms.
  2. Quiz competition hosted by local “Millionaire” winner AurkoDutta.
  3. Lots of physical activities including athletic tournaments.
  4. Fashion and Style experiences for teen girls.
  5. Panel Discussions on “What College is best for you?”
  6. Teen lounge featuring sofas, televisions and magazine to chat and relaxYoung.


1) Panel Discussions on a variety of topics including non-traditional career choices, financial strategies and intra and inter Indian marriages.

2) Social Events at Houston’s tallest rooftop lounge and hottest clubs, including live performances and top DJ’s.

3) Cultural Shows featuring some of the top acts in the US.

4) Screenings of various Hollywood and Indian films.

5) 2nd Generation Magazine showcasing issues for modern Indian-Americans.

The above programs and more will be staged at the Hilton Americans in Houston, where the 2nd Generation will have the choice to stay in a special wing of the hotel. The Bengali Youth of Houston are set to raise the bar for future conferences –not only will you have a place to relax and meet other Bengalis, but you will also have the chance to experience events that are fun and part of the modern Bengali world.H-Town ’06. 10 Years in the Making.