Sponsorship Opportunities

A wide range of sponsorship opportunities are available.

  • Corporate/ Individual Sponsorship
  • Corporate Booth
  • Merchant Booth Rental
  • Advertisement in Publications
  • Few Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Other Customized Packages
Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Benefits  

•  A unique opportunity to support a highly desirable demographics. The Indian American community ranks among the groups with highest discretionary income in the nation. NABC attendees lie in the top 25 percentiles of this group. This group has large disposable income

•  Sponsoring in NABC will give your organization effective marketing power and valuable exposure. We are expecting 5,000 people will attend this conference

•  An association with NABC will give you exposure to millions of Indian ethnic families in North America and South Asia  

•  Continuous publicity over a year through online, publications, advertisement at the venue, ethic media and on-stage presentation during the conference providing wide and repetitive exposure 

•  Organizations may opt to sponsor one or several items/events. Each item/event offers an effective and unique recognition package that will enhance your organization’s visibility throughout the meeting  

•  A tax-deductible contribution  

•  Support the Indian Americans to achieve a larger socio economic objective  

•  A bundled package of various promotional elements is custom designed for the sponsors